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Would you buy a product that you could barely see, was poorly presented and had no description? No, and you are not alone.



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Amazon Opportunity

Is your product currently available on Amazon? Are you really taking advantage of this opportunity? The vast majority of brands are leaving huge sales behind because they are not presenting their products on Amazon in the best possible way. To succeed here you need a keyword researched listing, highly converting images and killer sales copy. What would a 20% increase in sales do to your business? This is what we do.

Fully Managed

We manage 100% of the process. We buy the stock from you at wholesale rates. We organise logistics & warehousing, we create engaging listings using highly converting sales copy, keywords, images, graphics, ads & more. We engage with customers, answer questions, gain direct product feedback & boost product ratings & brand integrity in the process. The only time you will hear from us is when we are placing another large order.

Maximising Sales

Unlike the majority of Amazon sellers, we know how to capitalise on the opportunity it presents. Ranking, search engine optimisation, conversion rates & customer support are all crucial to success. Our expertise & experience coupled with a systemised, professional approach ensures your products will reach their full sales potential on Amazon. By improving the product listings, sales of your product will increase. Our expertise is yours.




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Amazon Facts

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Your Opportunity

The benefits of a presence on Amazon are obvious, but the key to success is; CONVERSIONS. If Amazon sees that you are converting visitors to buyers they will reward your product with better rankings and better visibility. This equals more sales.

Many brands have multiple products with poor or missing images, terrible bullet points and no description. They are leaving countless sales behind because their listing is not optimised.

Would you buy a product that you could barely see, was poorly presented and had no description? No, and you are not alone.

Having ProfitMerchant as your reseller is essential for success. You will get the very best Amazon listings, audience engagement, customer service and more. All ensuring maximum sales are achieved. FOR FREE.


Benefits of ProfitMerchant as your Reseller on Amazon
  • Pricing: Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) will be guaranteed, keeping your offline sellers happy and returns low
  • Stock: We guarantee to keep you products fully in stock on Amazon at all times
  • One Purchase Order: No need to complete multiple purchase orders for multiple resellers
  • One Contact: Single point of contact making sales & invoicing a breeze
  • Reputation Protection: No longer the risk of an unknown reseller disrespecting or mistreating customers
  • Customer Engagement: We answer customer questions within 24 hours, helping boost product ratings in the process
  • Review/Feedback Requests: We reach out to each and every customer asking for feedback and reviews for your product
  • Premium Quality Listings: Top class, highly converting images, title, bullet points & sales copy driving increased sales
  • International: Sell to all 16 of Amazon countries through one point of contact
  • Stock Liquidation: Want to clear dead stock? We can help you liquidate this through Amazon
  • Product Testing: Want to a live-market trial of a new product? Need to test pricing, or get genuine customer feedback? We can help

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To make sales, the Amazon customers need to be able to find your products easily. We make this happen. Amazon is much like Google, in that it is a search engine, in this case for products. They use their own A9 algorithm to rank products as they see fit. Keywords, title, copy, bullet points, conversion rate, advertising, sales & customer support all play a part in where you rank. Our hard work ensures your product goes to the top of the pile.


When users visit your product page, you need them to buy. We help make this happen. Our conversion rate team monitors your product page continuously. We split test everything; images, bullet points, titles and sales copy, all in an effort to get the highest conversion rate possible. All decisions are data driven. Amazon rewards higher conversion rates with better search engine rankings, it is a vital step in the process to gaining more sales.


We make your customers happy. We answer all questions within 24 hours and reach out to each and every one of them, asking for feedback on their experience with your product. By looking after customers we gain better product reviews and brand loyalty. Amazon rewards engagement and positive reviews with better search engine rankings. In turn, better reviews and rankings result in higher sales…and the cycle continues.

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This is a partnership. We don’t charge a fee. Our margin is taken on Amazon.

You give use us competitive wholesale pricing and in return you get a world class Amazon operation.


*Managed Amazon Account services also available.

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